At the WSYCC we offer many outdoor classes. The best way to
instruct 12-16 year-olds is to get them hands-on experience.
Our instructors are some of the finest teachers and people in the
northwest. All of them are volunteers, giving their time, vacation,
energy, etc., to help educate our campers. Some of them hunt,
some fish, some backpack, hike, or camp. But they are all
conservationists...that is, people who believe in the "wise use" of
the natural things around us, and want to ensure they'll be
around "for future generations".
The following is a list that will be offered at the Boys
Conservation Camp in 2017. These may be subject to change:

Mountain Hike, Ecology, Archery, Water Flow & Fish, Fly Tying,
Fly Casting, Water Safety, Wilderness 1st Aid, Firearm Safety,
Marine Biology, Survival, Game Management, and Leadership.
Washington State Youth Conservation Camp
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Mt. Hike


Marine Biology
More to follow soon...
We have fun at camp, and around Orcas Island!!!
Campers learn and practice Wilderness 1st Aid.
Some of our staff:
Back Row, left to right:
David Chase
(Wilderness 1st Aid);
Jesse Barnhart (Fly
Casting); Cody
Brocato (Head
Counselor); Lucas
Bentz (Canoeing);
Steve Boessow
(Water Flow & Fish);
Cheyenne LaViolette
(Cook); Lonnie
McCann (Director);
Ramiro Alonso
(Survival); Matt
Boessow (Fly
Tying/Asst Director);
Megan (Asst Cook);
Chad Johansen
(Firearm Safety)
Front Row: Casey Brocato (Activities Coordinator); Cliff McCann (Archery); Andrew Shoot (Mt. Hike).
Campers practice canoeing techniques on land before water.
Big smiles at
the Firearm
Safety range
during free
time :)
It's a beautiful day at the Archery Range! I'm not sure what's
better, the archery, the weather, or the camera shot!
3/4 of the Johansen Family                        Steve Boessow                           Perry (Ecology) and Kim (Asst Director) Lund
The Canoeing Instructor, Lucas Bentz (left), got a bit
overzealous during the Great Staff Canoe Race. He and his
brother, Senior Counselor Nolan were ready to win their first
title, until the oar snapped!
Our two fantastic
cooks are WAY too
smiley for as hard as
they had to work,
feeding all of those
boys at camp!!!
There were many
with seemingly
stomachs, especially
when it came to the
apple crisp!!!
It's ME, the Director,
teaching the campers
how to accurately
make the traditional
male SNIPE call!
That's some
hard-core bird calling
right there!!!